33 Feminist GIFs You Need In Your Life


1. When people ask why you’re a feminist.

2. Or say “you’re a feminist” like it’s a bad thing.

Disney Pixar

3. When someone says they’re not a feminist because they like men.

4. And you need to remind them of what feminism actually is.


5. When people claim the word “feminism” is sexist.


6. When you remember how many more freedoms you have compared to even your mother’s or grandmother’s generations.


7. Because of all the feminists who fought for them.


8. When some asshole on Twitter won’t stop @ you.

Touchstone Pictures

9. When people complain that shows like Orange is the New Black don’t contain enough men.


10. When you watch the latest blockbuster.

11. When someone starts talking about “reverse sexism.”

12. When a guy you respected makes a surprise sexist comment.

20th Century Fox

13. And you have to set him straight.


14. When someone starts mansplaining.


15. And you’re just so done with them.

16. When a bunch of politicians discuss women’s rights.


17. When you remember that people like Robin Thicke exist.

Cartoon Network

18. When someone is really patronising to you.

HBO / Via giphy.com

19. When guys complain about how HARD it is for them these days.

Universal / Via little-misfit.tumblr.com

20. And you can’t even deal.

21. When you run into a bunch of MRAs online.


22. And you release some truth bombs.


23. POW.

Warner Bros / Via notsorryfeminism.com

24. BLAM.

26. And you’re not even sorry.


27. This. Every. Single. Day.

Columbia Pictures

28. When you just keep fighting.

29. When you need a “YAAASSS” moment.


30. When you surround yourself with your awesome feminist friends.

31. And drink up those male tears.

32. When you need a little reminder of how fabulous you are.


33. When you just keep doing you.


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Jenna Guillaume is Editor-at-Large for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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