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11 Things I Overheard At A One Direction Concert

I went to the first concert of 1D's latest tour in Sydney on Saturday, and these were some of the things people said.

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4. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

The girl I overheard was actually talking about Chips on a Stick, which you had to line up for half an hour to get - but I'm 100% sure it was also uttered by others about the actual band.



Mark Metcalfe

Screams broke out sporadically as everyone waited for the boys to appear, but when they finally did run out on stage it was basically a 50,000-strong non-stop scream fest.


10. "Can we PLEASE have a water bottle?!"

Early in the night, Harry threw a water bottle into the crowd, but the rest of the discarded bottles remained on stage. Girls close enough begged the crew to hand them over at the end of the concert, but sadly they didn't get near the plastic that had touched those hallowed lips.