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    24 Facts You Never Knew About The Hemsworth Brothers

    The greatest thing to come out of Australia since Tim Tams.

    1. There's a third Hemsworth brother.

    His name is Luke and he's also an actor. At 32, he's the eldest, followed by 30-year-old Chris, while Liam is the baby of the family at 24 years old.

    2. Despite being the least recognisable Hemsworth brother, Luke was actually the first to get into acting.

    He soon became disillusioned with the industry and started a flooring business, which his younger brothers worked for before their acting careers took off.

    3. Chris moved to the USA first to pursue his acting career, and Liam followed a few years later. Luke, meanwhile, never fully gave up on acting, and after a string of guest roles on TV, he's starring in his first feature film, The Reckoning, this year.

    4. The boys were all born in Melbourne, Victoria, but the Hemsworth family also lived in the outback Northern Territory for awhile before settling on Phillip Island in Victoria.

    5. Chris used his bush upbringing as inspiration for his role in Snow White and the Huntsman.

    6. When they were kids, Luke and Chris would wrap Liam in "protective" layers of clothing and then stalk him around the backyard and shoot him with air rifles.

    7. Liam got his own back at Chris. When he was eight, he threw a knife at Chris' head. Their fighting was so bad that Chris had to stay with separate relatives while Luke and Liam stayed at their grandparents' house when their parents went on holidays.

    8. There's a friendly competition between the brothers in most things they do, except when it comes to roles. They try to support each other in their careers as much as possible.

    9. Still, Liam and Chris were both up for the part of Thor.

    Chris originally didn't get a callback after his audition, while Liam made it to the final four contenders. In the end, Chris snagged the role.

    10. When Chris' first baby India Rose was born, Luke, who has four kids, made a video teaching him how to bundle a baby up properly.

    11. All three brothers have appeared on Aussie soap Neighbours, but not at the same time. Luke starred in 13 episodes in 2001, Chris was in one episode in 2002, and Liam was in 25 episodes in 2007.

    12. Luke and Liam also both appeared in two other TV shows - with Luke playing Liam's cousin in The Elephant Princess.

    And both guys getting naked (separately!) for raunchy show Satisfaction.

    13. Meanwhile, Chris and Luke both guest starred on The Saddle Club.

    14. And Liam was in one episode of Home and Away, the show that first made Chris famous in Australia thanks to his three year-long stint as Kim Hyde.

    15. But the highlight of Chris' TV career was definitely when he was on Dancing with the Stars in 2006.

    17. Liam is obsessed with squirrels, after seeing one for the first time in his life at Disney.

    18. The brothers' mum, Leonie, is a teacher, and Liam had her for two years in high school, for English and Sex Education. He describes the experience as, naturally, incredibly awkward.

    19. Chris and Liam are both ambassadors for the Australian Childhood Foundation, a child protection organisation.

    20. Chris and his wife Elsa, who is also an actress, have agreed to only ever have one of them working at a time, so they're able to stay together as a family. When the both get time off, they like to visit their families in Australia and Spain.

    21. Elsa speaks to the couple's three kids in her native Spanish so that they grow up bilingual, but while Chris has been trying to learn the language since they started dating in 2010, he is still not fluent.

    22. Chris only ate 500-600 calories per day to lose weight for his role in the upcoming Heart of the Sea.

    23. The whole family surfs. Luke and Chris learned first, and their father, Craig, learned so he could spend time with (and keep an eye on) them. Liam learned when he was about five.

    24. There are some damn good genes in the Hemsworth family.

    But you probably already knew that.