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    Every Outfit In "Legally Blonde", Ranked From Good To Goddamn Iconic

    If you don't think Legally Blonde has some of the best costumes of all time, sorry, but you're wrong.

    Legally Blonde officially turns 20 this year, and to celebrate, let's take a look at one of the best parts of the movie: the costumes.

    They told a story in themselves and always revealed insights into Elle's character and where she was at. With that in mind, here are the most iconic outfits Reese Witherspoon wears as Elle Woods, ranked from least good (but still good) to the absolute best...

    31. The business pony and shirt:

    30. The green jacket:

    Elle wears a green jacket buttoned up and looks excited

    29. The shirt, vest, and blazer combo:

    Elle wears a pink shirt, a purple vest, and a black blazer and smiles

    28. The patterned-shirt and vest combo:

    Elle sits in front of her laptop wearing a patterned shirt and red vest

    27. The throwback fit:

    Elle wears a gold sparkly dress and has her hair styled in an old-fashioned way

    26. The sparkly skirt with matching top:

    Elle sits at a table writing wearing a sparkly striped skirt and maroon tank top

    25. The sleeveless sweater:

    Elle sits in class wearing a dark-blue sleeveless sweater

    24. The library fit:

    23. The comfy clothes:

    Elle wears purple pants rolled up at the bottom and a gray sweatshirt

    22. The tank and capris:

    Elle wears capri jeans and a pink tank top while being lifted up by girls in her sorority house

    21. The blue-and-red combo:

    20. The study look:

    Elle sits at a desk with study materials in front of her, wearing a tee with her hair in a high pony

    19. The pajamas:

    Elle lies on her bed wearing plaid pajama bottoms and a fluffy dressing gown with a cloud pattern

    18. The "last season" shoes:

    17. The sparkly hair clip:

    Elle wears a white shirt, gray sweater, and a sparkly hair clip in her hair

    16. The post-breakup outfit:

    Elle frowns and sits on a pink couch; she wears a tank top with a rainbow print on it and pale pink pants

    15. The winter warmer:

    Elle wears a turtleneck and a poncho with her hair in a high pony

    14. The clashing patterns:

    Elle wears a striped top, patterned belt, and dark pants while she sits on the ground surrounding by books

    13. The head-to-toe pink:

    Elle wears a pink top and pants, with pink bows in her hair, and holds a basket of bread

    12. The pink-and-purple fit:

    11. The "I'm a professional" outfit:

    10. The pink halter number two:

    9. The intimidation outfit:

    Elle wears a turtleneck, fur coat, and beanie, with glasses

    8. The smart cardigan:

    7. The costume incident:

    Elle wears a pink Playboy bunny outfit and stands with her hands on her hips

    6. The pink halter number three:

    Elle wears a pink halter dress and pink tinted glasses

    5. The pink halter number one:

    4. The bikini top and fluffy coat:

    Elle wears a pink sparkly swimsuit and fluffy coat

    3. The "bend and snap" fit:

    Elle wearing black capri pants and a yellow and pink top

    2. The arrival outfit:

    Elle wears a pink jacket with matching skirt, and pink-shaded glasses

    1. The climax dress: