Does This Radio Station Only Employ White Men?

It looks like it from Triple M’s latest promo shot.

1. Earlier today, Triple M Melbourne celebrated their breakfast show rating number one in the city by posting this image to Facebook and Twitter.

2. It wasn’t long before people noticed something missing from it…

3. Namely anyone who isn’t male.

@JennaGuillaume @Brocklesnitch @erinrileyau 'Not sexist, just #1 with sexists'

— Drew Sheldrick (@drewsheldrick)

@Brocklesnitch @erinrileyau "MMM, where no actual woman shall touch a microphone"...

— Derek Fulton (@Derek_Fulton001)

8. Or white.

@angelapippos @TripleMMelb the All Whites ?

— eamon veaney (@EamonVeaney)

@angelapippos Lack of diversity is a poor reflection of Melbourne.

— Steven Talevski (@steventalevski)

Are any of these Triple M presenters not straight white dudes?

— Erin Riley (@erinrileyau)

@erinrileyau That photo is a surely a parody.

— Endrey (@ChrisEndrey)

it’s like the hardest game of Guess Who ever except some have hair and some don’t

— Bec (@Brocklesnitch)

@Brocklesnitch @erinrileyau dunno if there's a filter on that pic or if the cumulative male whiteness has drained away all the colour.

— A duck but bigger (@Squigglosaur)

@Brocklesnitch @erinrileyau Stop complaining, plenty of groups are just for white dudes. Take the KKK, or the Hitler Jugend. TOTALLY FINE.

— Rowena Grant-Frost (@rowenaboggle)

*glass shatters* Not much diversity at Triple M. #noasians #whyyyyyy

— Vernie Valentos (@vernievalentos)

16. Triple M appear to have since deleted the image from Twitter, but it remains on their Facebook, where it is also drawing criticism.

17. People are pointing out that at least one woman does actually work at Triple M, but she’s missing from the photo.

18. That woman is Rosie, who according to Triple M’s website is “running the show” while “the boys are on break”.

19. It’s not clear why she isn’t included in a photo that celebrates the success of the show she works on.

maybe they were like ‘it would probably be MORE obvious if we put one woman in there’

— Bec (@Brocklesnitch)

20. This isn’t the first time an Australian broadcast team has been criticised for its lack of diversity.

What is today? Bring one woman to work day? The Fox NRL and 7 AFL commentary teams release their press shots

— Mark Di Stefano (@MarkDiStef)

21. For now, at least you can rely on social media to bring it.

If you look closer, you can see Judy Dench in there @Brocklesnitch @erinrileyau

— Reid Parker (@ReidParker_)

BuzzFeed has reached out to Triple M for comment.

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Jenna Guillaume is Editor-at-Large for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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