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    If You're Not Watching Netflix's "Derry Girls", You're Missing Out – And Here's Proof

    It's just like if The Inbetweeners were set in Northern Ireland in the '90s and had an all-girl cast. Okay, so it's nothing like The Inbetweeners, but it is hilarious.

    After multiple people told me I MUST watch Derry Girls on Netflix, I finally got around to watching it on the weekend...and binged the whole thing in one sitting. Sure, it's only six 20-minute episodes, but it's also just that good. Here are some of my fave funny moments from the show...

    1. When Michelle introduced her English cousin James.

    2. When Erin's mother Mary freaked out about a bomb scare.

    3. When Clare perfectly summarised what it's like to be a teen girl.

    4. When Michelle didn't let anything get in the way of her thirst.

    5. When Gerry explained to Joe why he kept hanging around.

    6. And then when he tried to compromise while sorting out the chippy order.

    7. When Sister Michael saw no use in prayer.

    8. And basically just gave no fucks.

    9. When Clare showed true camaraderie.

    10. When Erin and Clare realised they might be poor.

    11. When Michelle tried to convince people she was a lesbian.

    12. When Clare tried to make a point.

    13. When James asked a simple question.

    14. And when he got confused while studying.

    15. And then tried to do a "man's job".

    16. When Gerry decided to make his own tea.

    17. When Peter arrived and the girls (and James) suddenly found religion.

    18. But Sister Michael had no time for him.

    19. When Sarah tried to convince Erin she was psychic.

    20. When Erin decided she needed new friends.

    21. When Erin panicked about this stowaway.

    22. When Michelle tried to get her lipstick back from a dead nun.

    23. And, well, when this happened.