A Definitive Ranking Of Australian Lollies And Chocolates

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37. Chicos

Chocolate-flavoured lollies are good in theory, but in reality they’re foul. Also a bit racist?

36. Eucalyptus Drops

So soothing when you have a sore throat. At least that’s what you tell yourself when you crack your third packet for the day.

35. Aniseed Rings

They’re great if you like aniseed and/or have no taste.

34. Ice Cream Cones

So cute, but kinda bland.

33. Witchetty Grubs

The best kind of bush tucker.

32. Caramel Buds

Sadly too sweet to eat in large amounts.

31. Clouds

Not sure who decided clouds should taste like strawberries, but they were on to something.

30. Sour Ears

So creepy. So tasty.

29. Red Skins

Racist? Probably. Delicious? Definitely.

28. Fads

Remember when these were called Fags and designed to look like cigarettes? Fun times.

27. Minties

The mintiest way to lose your teeth.

26. Cobbers

The tastiest way to lose your teeth.

25. Bullets

Chocolate-covered licorice. Sure, if you like that sorta thing.

24. Frogs

No lolly bag is complete without at least one of these guys.

23. Dairy Milk Snack

Something for everyone!

22. Chomp

For when you only have loose change in your pocket.

21. Jaffas

Cadbury / Via thecandyman.co.nz

Beautiful red balls of chocolate orange goodness.

20. Picnic

Proof it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

19. Jersey Caramels

A staple of any caramel fan’s diet.

18. Caramel Kisses

Kinda like Jersey Caramels, but WITH COCONUT.

17. Fruit Tingles

Fruity. Tingly.

16. Wizz Fizz

It’s a party in your mouth.

15. Musk Sticks

This is what heaven must taste like.

14. Milko Chews

They are lollies made out of condensed milk. ‘Nuff said.

13. Sherbies

The only thing that could make sherbet better is wrapping it in more candy.

12. Violet Crumble

Just the right ratio of honeycomb to chocolate.

11. Fantales

Combining our love of caramel, chocolate and useless trivia.

10. Snakes

The best way to cope with all the deadly snakes in Australia is by symbolically eating them.

9. Killer Pythons

Like Snakes on steroids.

8. Pods

Dangerously easy to eat.

7. Bananas

The most delicious fake banana flavour in the world.

6. Mint Pattie

When mint meets chocolate, magic happens.

5. Golden Rough


4. Freckles

Chocolate + 100s and 1000s + an awesome name = perfection.

3. Clinkers

Will it be pink, green or yellow? It’s the most thrilling chocolate on the market.

2. Freddo Frog

It might just be milk chocolate, but something about the frog shape makes it 100 times more delicious.

1. Caramello Koala

Single-handedly raking in the cash for school kids all over Australia.

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Jenna Guillaume is Editor-at-Large for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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