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Definitive Proof That Turtles Are The Most Kick-Arse Sea Creatures Ever

Turtle power!

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Fun fact: The sex of the baby turtles depends on how warm their nest is – cool nests produce males, while warmer ones make females.

If they're not attacked by predators, they break out of their eggs after 45 to 70 days,

Flickr: braindamaged217 / Creative Commons

They chill in the nest for a few days after hatching to absorb their yolk, giving them strength for what’s to come. Spoiler: it's a lot of danger.

As the hatchlings head to the ocean, just minding their own business, predators like gulls and crabs treat the beach like their own personal smorgasbord.

During which time the male clings to the female's back, while she swims around, surfacing for air when they need it, and also trying to fend off other males who want in on the action.

She covers the nest and returns to the sea to do it all over again. During nesting season - which is happening right now in Queensland - female turtles can lay up to six lots of eggs.

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