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    Definitive Proof All Politicians Should Use Emojis In Their Tweets

    Julie Bishop has opened the door and there's no going back.

    Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop today confirmed she is #TeamEmoji.

    @spicertracey @wendy_harmer I find it helpful to actually read what was said before commenting 👯

    The ~sassy~ emoji tweet was in response to journalists Wendy Harmer and Tracey Spicer, who were criticising Bishop for her recent comments declaring she's not a feminist.

    And so Julie Bishop's dancing girls opened our minds to the glorious potential of political emoji use...

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott would take every opportunity to use the emoji version of his real life winky face and tongue tour.

    Opposition Leader Bill Shorten could use emojis to take his shade game to the next level.

    Minister for Education Christopher Pyne could add that extra special touch to his ~personal brand~.

    Tanya Plibersek, Deputy Leader of the Opposition, would be even more on point with her sass.

    PUP Leader Clive Palmer would really drive home his patriotism.

    And Greens Senator Scott Ludlam would continue to be everyone's fave.