This "Game Of Thrones" Scene Is Making Shippers Very Happy

    The most important ship in Dany's fleet.

    Ever since Game of Thrones revealed Yara Greyjoy is queer in Season 6, Episode 7, a lot of fans have been looking forward to her and Daenerys meeting and making a badass team in more ways than one.

    In Episode 9, it happened – they met, talked war and conquest, found out how much they had in common, agreed to help each other...

    And flirted pretty outrageously.

    It was a small moment in an epic episode, but it was enough for this ship (not to mention Dany's actual new fleet) to set sail.

    Even Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys, is on board. And Daenerys does sleep with a woman in the books.

    Sorry Daario...

    At the very least, Yara and Dany make one helluva team.

    Maybe the future of Westeros truly lies with the women.