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29 Tumblr Posts That Nail The Struggles Of Being A Tumblr User

This goddamn website.

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1. On difficult themes:

2. On the struggles:

3. And this pain:

4. On TV consumption:

5. And avoiding spoilers:

6. On memes:

7. On life choices:

8. And Tumblr feels:

9. On trends:

10. On being very ~Tumblr~:

11. And Facebook vs Tumblr:

12. On the formula for success:

13. Seriously:

14. On app problems:

15. On changes:

16. And the activity symbol:

17. On achievements:

18. On GIF management:

19. On fandoms:

20. And the extent of Tumblr thirst:

21. On what you think scrolling through your dash:

22. On this irony:

23. And dash magic in general:

24. On this real fear:

25. On username struggles:

26. On proverbs:

27. On what most days look like:

28. On realising you've maybe taken things too far:

29. And when you finally decide to log off: