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    18 Times BTS Actually Gave The Best Life Advice

    Just seven emotional support K-Pop boys.

    1. When RM talked about the importance of learning from your mistakes.

    2. And when he expanded on the idea that your mistakes make you who you are during his speech at the UN.

    3. When Jungkook expressed the importance of not getting lost in regret.

    4. And RM said focusing on the present is crucial.

    5. When Suga advised concentrating on your own actions rather than worrying about things out of your control.

    6. When Jimin talked about the process of learning to love yourself.

    7. And Jin had some practical advice on active self-love.

    8. When RM said happiness is about the journey, not the destination.

    9. When Jin said you should always go at your own pace and not compare yourself to others.

    10. And he suggested internal validation is more important than external.

    11. And RM dismissed the expectations and pressure of others.

    12. When Suga said it's okay not to have a dream.

    13. When V highlighted the importance of talking about your feelings.

    14. When Jin gave a reminder about human connection.

    15. When Jungkook said that hard times can help you get perspective.

    16. When Suga talked about the importance of facing your shadows.

    17. When J-Hope talked about persisting through pain and difficulty and never giving up.

    18. And Suga said the most important thing isn't whether you struggle or fail – it's getting back up again.