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    17 Times Patrick And David Were The Best Damn Part Of "Schitt's Creek"

    They're simply the best.

    Patrick and David from Schitt's Creek are one of the most iconic TV couples of all time.

    The development of their romance was SO sweet and a big part of what made the show so wholesome and comforting to watch. Here are some of the best moments from their love story...

    1. When Patrick and David met, and David was super vague about the concept of his store, and Patrick was utterly charmed.

    David says "yeah it's an environment" while looking vague and Patrick looks at him smiling

    2. When Patrick gave David a really meaningful birthday present.

    Patrick sits next to Stevie and says "The receipt, from our first sale at the store" and David sits across from them and says "um this is not nothing"

    3. And then the two of them shared their first kiss.

    David and Patrick kiss in the car

    4. When they talked about their feelings after the kiss.

    Patrick and David discuss their first kiss

    5. When Patrick told David that he makes him "feel right".

    Patrick tells David "you make me feel right"

    6. When Patrick sang "Simply the Best" to David.

    Patrick plays an acoustic guitar and sings into a microphone while David looks on and smiles with tears in his eyes

    7. And then David reciprocated with a cute lip sync rendition of the same song.

    David lip syncs in front of Patrick, who sits in a chair
    CBC / Via

    8. When Patrick and David told each other "I love you" for the first time.

    David and Patrick say "I love you" to each other while staring intently in each other's eyes
    CBC / Via

    9. When Patrick came out to his parents and told them how happy David made him.

    Patrick tells his father "David is my boyfriend and I've never been happier in my life"

    10. When Patrick proposed.

    Patrick proposes on a hike with David

    11. When Patrick and David got all domestic and unfiltered and it was actually so sweet.

    Patrick wears an anti-snoring device in bed and David says "I have never been more attracted to you"

    12. When they tried to take "candid" couple shots with hilarious results.

    David and Patrick pose awkwardly as Stevie tries to take their photo

    13. When they wore matching t-shirts for their Bachelor party.

    Patrick wears an "I'm with Stupid" tee and David wears an "I'm stupid" tee with a tiara

    14. When David decided to stay in Schitt's Creek for Patrick.

    David tells Patrick "I don't want to be anywhere you don't want to be" and Patrick says "I promise I will make you happy here"

    15. When David walked up the aisle to "Simply the Best".

    David walks down the aisle on the arm of Alexis, both are smiling, the caption says "You're simply the best"

    16. And when he delivered meaningful vows topped off with a "happy ending" joke that was also very sincere.

    David says "Patrick Brewer you are my happy ending" while wearing a wedding tux

    17. And when Patrick and David really did get their happy ending.

    David and Patrick kiss at the altar and walk down the aisle
    CBC / Via

    What were your favorite Patrick and David moments from Schitt's Creek?

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