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57 Essential BTS Songs Everyone Should Listen To At Least Once

The Korean septet have a song for every mood.

BTS, the seven-member supergroup from South Korea, are now eight years into their career and, with a prolific output, have literally hundreds of songs spanning multiple genres to dive into.

BTS wear dark suits on set for the Billboard Music Awards

The best of the best

BTS sit huddled together in front of a table with party debris and a cake in the Spring Day music video

High-energy bangers

BTS dance in sync wearing traditional Korean clothing in the Idol music video

Chill (and sometimes crying) vibes

BTS wear pyjamas and sit in a living room watching TV in the Life Goes On music video

Serotonin hits

BTS wear pastel clothes and dance in a retro diner in the Boy With Luv music video

Singing in the shower

The vocal line of BTS stand in a line onstage to perform The Truth Untold

Rap-heavy tracks

The rap line of BTS wear hanbok and perform onstage

In the mood for romance

BTS all wear white and sit on a concrete wall by the ocean in the Euphoria music video

Heartbreak hours

BTS sit in a row on top of a train car in the I Need U music video

Self-love anthems

The story of BTS

BTS dance on a set built to look like a neighborhood wearing dark clothes

Fan faves

BTS stand in formation with their arms crossed in their former dance studio

Underrated gems

BTS sit on colorful furniture performing "Look Here"

Here's a playlist of these songs for you to enjoy:

What is your fave BTS track? Share in the comments below!