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    12 Times TV And Movies Nailed Fat Characters And 11 Times They Failed

    Please, no more fat suits.

    1. Nailed: My Mad Fat Diary

    Finn kisses Rae while lying in bed on My Mad Fat Diary

    2. Failed: Insatiable

    Patty looks into the mirror miserably

    3. Nailed: Good Girls

    Annie and Ruby sing together while sitting on a couch

    4. Failed: Shallow Hal

    Rosemary looks sad

    5. Nailed: Drop Dead Diva

    Jane smiles while looking at Grayson

    6. Failed: Friends

    Monica is fat and smiling

    7. Nailed: Derry Girls

    Claire looks distressed

    8. Failed: Fate: The Winx Saga

    Terra performs magic

    9. Nailed: Our Flag Means Death

    Oluwande frowns while standing on a beach

    10. Failed: Brooklyn 99

    Fat Terry points his finger

    11. Nailed: Rutherford Falls

    Reagan looks impressed

    12. Failed: Avengers: End Game

    Fat Thor wears dirty clothes and sits with his hand tucked into his pants and sunglasses on with a soft drink in his hand

    13. Nailed: What We Do in the Shadows

    Guillermo smiles while looking at the camera

    14. Failed: New Girl

    Schmidt looks sad

    15. Nailed: Ghostbusters

    The female ghostbusters stand in a row

    16. Failed: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    17. Nailed: Glow

    Carmen puffs out air and points to her eyes, which are opened wide

    18. Failed: The Simpsons

    Homer wears a muumuu and uses a broom to tap his computer while seated on the couch

    19. Nailed: Hacks

    Kayla on Hacks looks surprised

    20. Failed: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

    Fat Bastard points his finger to his chin

    21. Nailed: Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

    Mo is dressed glamorously and holds a drink

    22. Failed: Pretty Little Liars

    Hanna sits at the kitchen bench

    23. Nailed: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

    Spinnerella stands next to Glimmer

    What are your fave and least fave examples of fat characters in movies and TV? Let us know in the comments!