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    32 Times Australia Was The Weirdest In The '90s

    How did any of us survive this?

    1. Kids learned about health in the back of a dark van from these colourful characters.

    Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed
    Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

    2. And got roped into banking with Commonwealth thanks to a bunch of cartoon aliens.

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    3. Devon/Belgium/Fritz stuffed with mashed potato was a party staple.

    4. And everyone got these in their lunch orders.

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    5. While this was the perfect afternoon snack.

    6. Kids legit "smoked" these lollies.

    7. ...when they weren't eating 10 packets of chips a day to try and collect little circular bits of plastic.

    8. This was how you found out if you were going to live in a toilet or a not.

    Jemima Skelley / BuzzFeed

    9. Primary school kids did a coordinated dance to a song about a girl cheating on her boyfriend with multiple people.

    10. And sang about washing your face with orange juice and brushing your teeth with bubblegum.

    Peter Combe

    11. A faceless, living doll who could perform magic was the main character on one of the most popular kids shows.


    12. And a bodiless floating face who spoke like she was constantly on helium was the lead on another widely-watched show.


    13. In fact, morning TV was dominated by kids shows - one of which was hosted by a filthy muppet.


    14. While another was hosted by literal children.


    15. But the most iconic kids show of all involved ghosts, bird diarrhoea, nudity, pissing competitions, clones, dead foxes and so, so much more.


    16. And then there was ol' Vagina Face on Plasmo.


    17. Meanwhile, Eric Bana as Poida was the height of comedy.


    18. And this was primetime Saturday night entertainment.

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    19. A little kid was the most famous guitarist in the country.

    20. Peter Andre was a real heartthrob.

    21. People spent a lot of time going cross-eyed at patterns.

    22. These were some of the most popular books.


    23. The biggest board game was called Nightmare, and involved a VHS tape of this guy saying creepy things.

    24. The highlight of P.E. was playing with a giant piece of material.

    25. Chia heads were a popular "toy".

    Instagram: @nikkkki77 / Via

    26. And everyone was obsessed with Gak, with its slimy texture and ability to produce fart noises.

    27. Dolly magazine gave out advice like this.


    28. Kids used rhymes like "girls are sexy made out of Pepsi, boys are rotten made out of cotton" to play hand-clapping games.

    29. People literally ironed their hair.

    30. And used Sun In to gradually turn it a horrible shade of orange.

    31. Everyone wore fetching hypercolour t-shirts.

    32. And John Howard was the prime minister for a loooong time.

    Matt Adams / Herald Sun

    The fact this is weird proves just how crazy Australian politics are.

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