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    16 Times The World's Craziest Scientist Won At Instagram

    Australia's Dr Karl is Earth's greatest scientist (maybe). He's definitely the most entertaining.

    Dr Karl has published 34 books, appears on radio and TV on a regular basis, always wears ridiculous(ly awesome) shirts, and is outstanding on social media. His Instagram is particularly great.

    1. There was the time he gave us a peek into his complicated wardrobe options.

    2. The time when he posed with author Tim Winton while wearing a Doctor Who shirt.

    3. The time he put the rad in Radelaide.

    4. When he celebrated the release of his 34th book by drinking an espresso martini.

    5. When he got Santa to pimp his new book Game of Knowns. Like a boss.

    6. When he blew kisses with these Dymocks workers and created the hashtag #ChristmasKisses.

    7. The time he made this little boy cry.

    8. That time he made the greatest dad joke.

    9. When he took a cheeky daytime nap.

    10. The time he struck this adorable pose with Triple J host Zan Rowe and used the hashtag #ThursdayBFFs.

    11. When he posted this photo with the caption: "Attempts to clone myself turned out a bit 2D ... #cloningfail".

    12. The time everything in this photo happened.

    13. And this one.

    14. And this one.

    15. When he showed off his new phone accessory and got excited that it matched his "mucous membranes".

    16. And when he posted this "artie selfie" with the author photo from his first book - complete with his famous half-beard.

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