Australian Government Sends Graphic Message To Asylum Seekers

Pictures speak louder than words, and they’re yelling YOU WILL BE MISERABLE in the government’s graphic novel aimed at asylum seekers.

1. The Australian Department for Immigration and Border Protection has unveiled a harsh message for asylum seekers attempting to come to Australia by boat.

2. Part of the campaign includes a graphic novel aimed at potential asylum seekers.

3. It tells the story of a young man, dreaming of a better life, paying people smugglers to get him there.

4. It details the dangerous journey…

5. And the treatment that awaits asylum seekers on the other side.

8. The message is clear: try to come to Australia by boat to seek asylum and you’ll wish you’d never left your own country.

9. Although the government claims the graphic novel was developed under the Labor leadership, it only caught the public’s attention this week.

10. People on social media are not impressed.

Australia decides it’s a good idea to actively advertise how awfully it treats potential refugees

— Mary Hamilton (@newsmary)

The next step will be a cartoon showing a refugee driven to suicide, with the headline, 'This is what we do to you.'

— Jeff Sparrow (@Jeff_Sparrow)

Even as we speak, asylum seekers huddle in Javanese villages, reading Morrison's new website in mounting dismay.

— Mike Carlton (@MikeCarlton01)

That's right: #Schapelle now has more freedom after breaking Indonesian law than asylum seekers who don't break any Australian laws.

— ABCnewsIntern (@ABCnewsIntern)

Wonder if potential Afghan asylum seekers have good internet service to download the digital graphic novel?...

— Neil Walker (@MediaMook)

Government tells potential asylum seekers that the reason not to come to Australia is that you might encounter Australian officials. #auspol

— Kubilay Aknar (@KubilayAknar)

Racist, uncaring Australia releases cartoon campaign warning asylum seekers not to 'waste money on smuggler boats'

— Dennis (@brit_newsman)

Our government made a graphic novel to deter asylum seekers.If they’re gonna be evil they might as well literally become comic book villains

— Australia/Dan Hall (@WeAreAustralia)

I get the impression from my feed that our government has done something heinous again re: asylum seekers but I can't be sure.

— Sheree Joseph (@tinyfleu)

Here you can articulate your displeasure with the Immigration Department over their treatment of asylum seekers:

— Elmo Keep (@Elmo_Keep)

20. The @DeptOfAustralia parody account even created its own version.

Hey, Australian Customs, you forgot to put words in your comic book. I'll help. Here's page one.

— Dept. of Australia (@DeptOfAustralia)


— Dept. of Australia (@DeptOfAustralia)

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Jenna Guillaume is Editor-at-Large for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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