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    "Mean Girls" Quotes Are The Only Thing That Make Australian Politics Bearable

    It's like leaving the actual world and entering #AusPol world.

    1. Are Tony and Kevin, like, frenemies?

    2. Cory Bernardi is...Cory Bernardi.

    3. Classic Julie.

    4. This should be law for the whole country.

    5. He IS an expert on the subject.

    6. CRACK.

    7. SMH.

    8. Poor Pyne.

    9. Mmm, foot cream scent.

    10. That's how Clive rolls.

    11. GOD Tony.

    12. How fetch.

    13. "Thanks."

    14. If it looks like a duck...

    15. Classic Clive.

    16. Now that you mention it...

    17. Poor Brutus.

    18. Would you like some ice for that burn?

    19. One time, uh-huh.

    20. ~Raises hand~

    21. Kevin-0-Never.

    22. Awks.

    23. "I just have a lot of feelings".

    24. The truth comes out.

    25. And where would we be without Clive?