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    Posted on 7 Jun 2016

    23 Times Alycia Debnam-Carey Had The Best Damn Instagram

    So pretty it hurts.

    1. When she showed off her stunning Vogue photo shoot:

    2. When she posted a touching tribute to Lexa, her character on The 100:

    3. When she was just chilling in LA with Haley Ramm:

    4. And rocked her ugg boots on Rodeo Drive with Maia Mitchell:

    5. When she kept it real:

    6. And revealed her glam tools:

    7. When she was basically a mermaid:

    8. And shared her love for her "sunburnt country":

    9. When she was adorable with fellow Aussie Jordan Rodrigues:

    10. And another fellow Aussie, Ashleigh Brewer:

    11. When she showed her love for BFF Marny Kennedy:

    12. And shared this sweet note from her:

    13. When her birthday looked like this:

    16. When she woke up like this:

    17. When her morning coffee looked like this:

    18. And her afternoon tea looked like this:

    19. When she was all about glamping:

    20. And took wine o'clock to the next level:

    21. When she was just plain happy:

    22. When she shared her obsession with flowers:

    23. And stopped to smell the roses:

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