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25 Foods That Defined '90s Australian Birthday Parties

Fairy bread is a goddamn national treasure.

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1. Fairy bread

The height of Australian cuisine a.k.a. HEAVEN ON A PLATE.

2. Cabanossi and cheese

Combined with Jatz or, if you were really fancy, skewered on a toothpick.


3. Party pies

It's right there in the name.

4. Mini sausage rolls

Flaky. Meaty. Good.

5. Chocolate spiders

This is why Australians aren't scared of spiders. We eat them.

6. Mixed lollies

Including snakes, because we aren't scared of them and eat them too.

7. Chocolate crackles

The ultimate chocolate treat.


8. Honey joys

There's a reason they're called joys.

9. Cheezels

To be eaten one by one off your fingers, of course.

10. Shapes

Preferably pizza.

11. Sherbet cones

Amazing as long as you didn't choke on the sherbet.

12. Rainbow jelly cups

So ~creative~.


13. Frog in the pond

Taking those jelly cups to the next level.

14. Chicken nuggets

Delicious and ~nutritious~.

15. Frankfurts

A.k.a. Cheerios. Stick a toothpick in and they were good to go. Super gourmet parties got them wrapped in pastry as ~pigs in blankets~.

17. Rainbow popcorn

It looked delightful and tasted even better.


18. Toffees

Which no one actually liked eating because they basically killed your teeth.

19. Jam rolls

Store-bought, naturally.

20. Lamingtons

Sometimes they were even PINK.

21. Cottee's cordial

In your flavour of choice (usually red or green, lbr).

22. Butterfly cupcakes

These were an extra special treat.

23. Ice cream cake

Especially if the party was at Macca's.

25. And lolly bags.

No party was complete without one to take home.


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