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    If You're A '90s Kid, You Probably Had A Crush On These 21 Guys

    It was all about the floppy hair and dreamy eyes.

    1. Devon Sawa

    Warner Bros, Amblin

    Five minutes of screentime in Casper was all it took to hook you (if Little Giants hadn't already, of course).

    2. Leonardo Dicaprio

    20th Century Fox

    Between Romeo + Juliet and Titanic, Leo was responsible for many a mid-'90s sexual awakening.

    3. Jonathan Taylor Thomas


    If you didn't have a crush on him at some point, were you even a '90s kid?

    4. Dante R. Basco


    The tight pants! The guyliner! Ru-fi-oooooooooooooo!

    5. Mike Vitar

    20th Century Fox

    Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez was the main reason you watched The Sandlot 67 times, let's be real.

    6. Brendan Fraser

    New Line Cinema, Disney

    It was almost entirely because of George of the Jungle.

    7. Hanson


    You had a crush on at least one of the brothers (most likely Taylor).

    8. Will Smith

    20th Century Fox, NBC

    If the Fresh Prince didn't grab you, his progression to action hero definitely did.

    9. Heath Ledger

    CML Films, Touchstone

    He burst onto the scene at the end of the '90s and totally stole the show – and your heart.

    10. Dean Cain

    Warner Bros

    The only Superman that counts.

    11. Joshua Jackson

    Disney, Warner Bros

    Whether it was Pacey Witter or one of his many film roles (especially The Mighty Ducks), it was hard to resist his charms.

    12. Ryan Phillippe

    Columbia Pictures, Mandalay Entertainment

    He followed up I Know What You Did Last Summer with Cruel Intentions and became the golden boy of the late '90s.

    13. Freddie Prinze Jr


    HE followed up I Know What You Did Last Summer with She's All That and became the dark-haired golden boy of the late '90s.

    14. Paul Walker

    Miramax, New Line CInema

    If a '90s teen movie didn't cast Paul Walker, it was automatically 60% less handsome.

    15. Usher


    Between his music and his teen TV and movie acting, a crush on Usher was inevitable.

    16. Callan Mulvey


    Australians in the '90s couldn't escape the power of his eyebrow ring.

    17. Paul Rudd

    Paramount Pictures

    He was (IS) such a Baldwin.

    18. Austin O'Brien

    Beacon Communications, Columbia Pictures

    He was Logan in The Baby-Sitter's Club and the love interest in My Girl 2 – you couldn't get more peak '90s heartthrob roles.

    19. Brad Renfro

    Disney, Warner Bros

    Brad Renfro was probably why you watched The Client and Sleepers and were subsequently scarred for life.

    20. Mekhi Phifer

    Mandalay Films

    There was a reason Brandy and Monica were fighting over him.

    21. And the Lawrence brothers


    There was a brother for every age and taste!

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