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    If 21 Video Games Were Actually About Kim Kardashian

    Coming soon to Super Kimtendo.

    by ,

    Glu Games rebranded its Stardom game to feature Kim Kardashian and made bank. Here are 21 other games that could rebrand to feature Kim.

    1. PoKIMon

    Jen Lewis/Nintendo

    2. The Elder Scrolls: Skykim

    Adam Ellis/Bethesda

    3. Mortal Kimbat

    Adam Ellis/NetherRealm Studios

    4. Flappy Kim

    Jen Lewis/.GEARS Studios

    5. The Kims

    Adam Ellis/Electronic Arts

    6. Mario Kart-dashian

    Jen Lewis/Nintendo EAD

    7. Final Fantasy VII: Hollywood

    Adam Ellis/Square Enix

    8. Hollywood Trail

    Jen Lewis/MECC

    9. Fallout 3: Operation Hollywood

    Adam Ellis/Bethesda

    10. Grand Theft Auto: Hollywood

    Jen Lewis/Rockstar

    11. KIMTRIS

    Adam Ellis

    12. The Secret of Kim K. Island

    Jen Lewis/LucasArts

    13. KimKraft

    Jen Lewis/Mojang

    14. Chrodashian Trigger

    Adam Ellis/Square Enix

    15. Pac-Kim

    Jen Lewis

    16. Hollywoodbound

    Adam Ellis/Nintendo

    17. Kim Kardashian's Pro Skater

    Jen Lewis/Activision

    18. Putt-Putt Joins the A-List

    Jen Lewis/Humongous Entertainment

    19. Kim Fighter

    Adam Ellis/Capcom

    20. The Legend of Zelda: Okardashian of Time

    Jen Lewis/Nintendo

    21. Kandy Krush Saga

    Adam Ellis/King

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