If 21 Video Games Were Actually About Kim Kardashian

Coming soon to Super Kimtendo.

Glu Games rebranded its Stardom game to feature Kim Kardashian and made bank. Here are 21 other games that could rebrand to feature Kim.

1. PoKIMon

Jen Lewis/Nintendo

2. The Elder Scrolls: Skykim

Adam Ellis/Bethesda

3. Mortal Kimbat

Adam Ellis/NetherRealm Studios

4. Flappy Kim

Jen Lewis/.GEARS Studios

5. The Kims

Adam Ellis/Electronic Arts

6. Mario Kart-dashian

Jen Lewis/Nintendo EAD

7. Final Fantasy VII: Hollywood

Adam Ellis/Square Enix

8. Hollywood Trail

Jen Lewis/MECC

9. Fallout 3: Operation Hollywood

Adam Ellis/Bethesda

10. Grand Theft Auto: Hollywood

Jen Lewis/Rockstar


Adam Ellis

12. The Secret of Kim K. Island

Jen Lewis/LucasArts

13. KimKraft

Jen Lewis/Mojang

14. Chrodashian Trigger

Adam Ellis/Square Enix

15. Pac-Kim

Jen Lewis

16. Hollywoodbound

Adam Ellis/Nintendo

17. Kim Kardashian’s Pro Skater

Jen Lewis/Activision

18. Putt-Putt Joins the A-List

Jen Lewis/Humongous Entertainment

19. Kim Fighter

Adam Ellis/Capcom

20. The Legend of Zelda: Okardashian of Time

Jen Lewis/Nintendo

21. Kandy Krush Saga

Adam Ellis/King

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