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25 Cute And Practical Gifts For Cat Owners

These cat-themed gifts aren't just purrfectly adorable; they're also functional.

What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it.

1. A pair of Pusheen cat slippers that are soft and plush to keep their feet warm all winter, while a light grip on the soles also ensures they won't be slipping around their home.

2. A set of lovable ceramic cat measuring spoons for cat-loving bakers, because one can never have too many sets of measuring spoons, and these are simply darling.

four cat-themed measuring spoons

3. A quirky cat mug that's sure to become a staple in their morning coffee- or tea-drinking routine.

4. A set of two ice cube trays with cat-shaped silicone molds so even the ice in their chilled drinks can have a feline theme. They can also use these molds for chocolate or candy!

5. An over-the-door cat hanger, especially if space is at a premium in their home (or if they've always got clothes lying around). This stoic black kitty can hold up jackets, scarves, and other clothing/accessories so it's off the ground (and away from where their REAL cat can mess with it).

the cat hanger

6. A set of oh-so-adorable cat sticky notes to keep them organized, especially if they're still in school. These little cuties can be used to mark different sections in textbooks or folders, or even just as a regular bookmark.

7. A set of kitty cat wine charms they can break out anytime they have guests over so everyone can keep track of their own glass of wine — particularly handy as the night goes on.

Two wine glasses with different colored kitty drink markers around the stem

8. A super cute knit beanie so they can flex their love of all things feline while out and about.

9. A dangly egg toy that even the most reluctant of cats will be motivated to get up and play with.

10. A metal wine stopper with a little black cat on it that'll become their new best buddy — by keeping their opened bottles of wine fresh for longer.

A wine stopper showing a black cat sticking its head through white blinds

11. An organic cat grass growing kit in an adorable cat face mug if they're always complaining about their cat gnawing on their plants (or throwing up hairballs). They can give their cat a taste of the outdoors with this cat-safe, fiber-rich grass, which includes a healthy mix of wheat grass, oat, barley, and rye and helps digestion.

12. A set of two cat-shaped tea infusers for a cute tea time accessory they'll be able to use over and over again.

13. A cat-shaped storage basket they can throw all their cat's toys into when they're needing to clean up. That said, they don't have to use it for cat-related storage — it's a cute solution for storing everything from blankets and clothes to magazines.

a brown and black cat sitting next to a white woven basket with a cat design stitched on

14. A cat paw mouse pad with ~squishy~ silicone cushions that'll lift and support their wrist while working. If they work long hours at a computer, this will be a much-appreciated upgrade to their setup.

A gray mouse pad with light pink cushions in the shape of a cat paw for wrist support

15. Or this adorable keyboard wrist rest for people who primarily work off just their laptop — the soft fleece gives them a comfy place to rest their wrists while working, and it's easily for them to take on the go as well!

A light pink keyboard wrist rest covered in soft fleece

16. A cable knit sweater if their fur baby needs a little help staying warm, especially if they own a hairless breed or if their kitty was recently shaved. We aren't the only ones who like to be warm and cozy all winter long — plus, this sweater is ridiculously adorable.

a black and white cat sitting on a couch wearing a light blue cable knit sweater

17. A raised food bowl with an elevated, curved design to not only make mealtimes more comfortable for their kitty — it also prevents food from being pushed out of the bowl and onto the floor.

18. A catnip-filled carrot that's the perfect length for their fur child to grip and bunny kick to their heart's content, keeping them occupied so their owner can take a break from playing.

19. A wall-mounted scratching post if their cat looooves scratching on vertical surfaces (like their couch!). The nice thing about this wall-mounted post is that 1. it takes up way less space than a standard scratching post and 2. it's not an eyesore.

Cat scratching the oval wall-mounted sisal post

20. Or a retro gaming-themed scratching post for your favorite cat-owning gamer. It provides an area for their cat to scratch to their heart's delight while also doubling as a toy, as there are balls inside that their kitty can bat at through the cutouts in the front.

21. Or a cactus scratching post because it's cute enough to pass as home decor, which is always a plus. The sisal post lets them get out all their scratching urges, while the moppy fabric on the top and base will feel great for their kitty to nuzzle against. And did we mention it's CUTE??

Black cat playing with green cactus shaped toy

22. A splurge-worthy spherical Tuft + Paw hideout because their special cat deserves only the best, and this premium bed will take their cat naps to the next level. It has an elegant design that'll look nice in any room, while the faux fur blanket inside makes it a dreamy escape for their beloved feline.

23. A robotic cat toy so they can actually get through a Zoom meeting without their cat crying and begging to play. Thankfully, this rechargeable smart toy will keep them plenty entertained, with erratic movements and various accessories they can swap out to see which one their kitty likes best.

24. Cozy, fleece-lined socks for that special person who knows you're never too old to wear cute animals on your feet. The grippy rubber soles will also prevent them from sliding around on the floor in these, so they double as slippers!

A model wearing gray cat face socks with a white fuzzy part at the top

25. Finally, a coconut-soy wax candle that doesn't just smell incredible — it's also free of paraffins, preservatives, and other toxic ingredients that neither them nor their kitties should be breathing in. The wooden wick makes this candle sound like a crackling fireplace when lit for ~peak coziness~.

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