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33 Weird Food Combinations Which Sound Gross But Taste Amazing

Don't judge a meal based on how disgusting it sounds...because these all sound pretty gross.

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We recently asked BuzzFeed Community what their favourite weird food combinations are. We got some interesting responses...

1. Cheetos and milk:

– Sabrina Jayde, Facebook

2. Peanut butter & pickle sandwich:

(With or without added mayonnaise.) – Carlynn Redmond (Facebook)

3. Frosted Flakes with cheese:

– Alesandra Solano Villalaz, Facebook

4. Salami and grapes:

Olgamiltsova / Getty Images


5. Melted chocolate on a cheese pizza:

– Beth Munchkin Garnham, Facebook

6. Peanut butter on a hamburger:


7. Peanut butter & jelly sandwich with Doritos in the middle:

– Kim Harkess, Facebook

8. Salt and pepper on apples:

– Janai Lax, Facebook

9. Honey on pizza:

– Loren Rakes, Facebook

10. Or fries dipped in honey:

– Gayle Katz-Tancer, Facebook

11. Peanut butter and cheese:

– Jessica Harbur (Facebook)

12. Peanut butter and onion sandwich:

– libertyc45a5036d5

13. Oreos dipped in orange juice:

– Lindsay Peterson, Facebook

14. Vanilla ice cream with soy sauce:

– Brie Hart Batley, Facebook

15. Banana and cheese toastie:

– Sherrie Beaver, Facebook

16. Funyuns and cream cheese:

– Bonnie Vannaman, Facebook

17. Popcorn and ketchup:

– Laura Kapp, Facebook

– Laura Kapp, Facebook

18. Grape jelly (jam) and scrambled eggs:

– Anna Barnett, Facebook

19. Brie and jam sandwich:

"On rye bread!" – Gabby del Fierro, Facebook

20. Avocado with honey:

– Jordan Kinser, Facebook

21. Salted crisps with Nutella:

"Preferably in a sandwich" – David Spears, Facebook

22. Rice with ketchup:

– Lily Wright, Facebook

23. Ice cream and fries:

– Shannon McAleavey, Facebook

24. Vegemite or Marmite with pasta and cheese:

– Jenni Kelsey, Facebook

25. Popcorn and marshmallows:

– Hayaa Khurshid, Facebook

26. Fish fingers and custard:

– Yap Jing Lin, Facebook

29. Butter and sugar sandwiches:


30. Grilled cheese and applesauce:

31. Strawberries, sour cream, and brown sugar:

32. Pizza topped with fresh banana:


33. Cold meatballs and melted chocolate:


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