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24 Photos That Show The Difference Between Instagram And Real Life

Please don't make me exercise.

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1. Home cooking on Instagram:

Home cooking in reality:

2. Saturday nights on Instagram:

Saturday nights in reality:


3. House parties on Instagram:

House parties in reality:


4. Managing your finances on Instagram:

Managing your finances in reality:

5. Work on Instagram:

Work in reality:

6. Romantic gestures on Instagram:

Romantic gestures in reality:

7. Relaxing evenings on Instagram:

Relaxing evenings in reality:

8. DIY cocktails on Instagram:

DIY cocktails in reality:

Imgur: aanjulena / Via

9. Exercising on Instagram:

Exercising in reality:


10. Living with your mates on Instagram:

Living with your mates in reality:

Flickr: kylesorkness / Via Creative Commons / Flickr: kylesorkness

11. Eating healthy on Instagram:

Trying to eat healthy in reality:

Flickr: alishav / Via Creative Commons

12. Girls' night out on Instagram:

Girls' night out in reality: