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    21 Photos That'll Make You Say "That's My Life"

    *Gradually becomes a disaster.*

    1. When your adult responsibilities get in the way of having fun:

    2. When you hear your jam:

    3. When you go to parties for one reason, and one reason only:

    4. When you constantly feel like the third wheel:

    5. So you try to give off the vibe that you're single and ready to mingle:

    6. When everything starts falling apart and there's nothing you can do:

    7. So you try to pretend like everything's fine:

    8. But it's just not:

    9. When your fire selfie is about to go to waste:

    10. When you get a bit carried away at a party:

    11. When you're shopping out of your price range:

    12. But then you get paid and go a little overboard:

    13. When you hang out with people who are waaaay cooler than you:

    14. When your friend's being a goddamn fool:

    15. When you have a huge lunch:

    16. So you try to clean up your diet:

    17. When you branch out:

    18. When you sign up to TIDAL just to hear Kanye's album:

    19. When you order a vodka soda because you're watching your weight:

    20. When you get a little too chatty on your way home:

    21. And when you finally give up and stop giving a fuck: