27 Photos That Prove Texas Has No Chill

    Why the fuck do you need a Texas-shaped sink?

    1. Texas honestly loves the fuck out of itself.

    2. So much so, that it feels the need to show off its shape at every possible chance.

    3. Like, look at this goddamn grill.

    4. Or this one.

    5. This corn chip???

    6. This pizza.


    8. Oh, but you'll need some kind of platter for that cheese, right?

    9. Or maybe you like to buy your party platters pre-made.

    10. But wait. Is that a... Texas-shaped bird bath????

    11. Have you always wanted Texas-shaped metal art?

    12. Or how about a Texas-shaped coffee table to put your Texan metal art on?

    13. Look at this mug...

    14. ...these shot glasses...

    15. ...and this Texas-shaped basket.

    16. A fucking guitar??? Really, Texas?

    17. But you can't forget the picks you'll need to play it.

    18. There's Texas pasta...

    19. ...Texas candy...

    20. And of course, there's this fucking giant burger:

    21. This public pool!!!!

    22. These pavestones.

    23. And headstones??!!

    24. Oh, you can't forget the crust cutter.

    25. A fucking Texas-shaped HOUSE.

    26. You can't have a Texas house without Texas stepping stones.

    27. And this fucking unnecessary sink.

    Never change, Texas, you big ol' bunch of weirdos. ❤️