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22 Times Melbourne Really Leaned Into Its Stereotypes

Blink twice if you need help, Melbs.

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1. When this concoction that nobody asked for was born.

2. When avocado was too boring to be served on its own.

It's official. The Melbourne wanker food war is over. We have a winner. Go home Popcorn on Avocado, you're drunk.

3. When this bike-type vehicle was used as a legitimate mode of transport, though I don't really understand where you sit.

Instagram: @owen_arrigoni

4. When this bar served up bathtub gin in teacups you had to dunk yourself.

Instagram: @denaro_denaro

5. When this drink graced shelves, though I don't know if it's coffee, chocolate, or beer.

Instagram: @erdbeersekt

6. When the wankiest plating of avocado and eggs was created.

Instagram: @cassbendall

7. When this guy wasn't interested in flowers unless he did it while munted.

8. When a couple of teabag dunks just wouldn't do.

Instagram: @mhen422

9. When coffee cups were for Sydney chumps.

Instagram: @twocogsinawheel

10. And when this cafe delivered literal shots of espresso, which sounds like a second-degree burn waiting to happen.

11. When trash taste got taken to a whole new level with this cafe's seating option.

Instagram: @theguiltyone

12. When this bar had 13 different types of salt for your marg.

Instagram: @whatkatedunn

13. When this vegetarian faux chicken burger was served on a matcha bun.

Instagram: @notcicero

14. And when this guy thought avocado was so 2016, so went with seaweed instead.

Instagram: @joeriveradraws

15. When this cafe served activated charcoal toast, though I'm pretty sure that's just burnt toast?

Instagram: @kelsddog

16. When a gaggle of hipsters met in an alleyway to listen to Bon Iver on a tapedeck, and created an image that should be Melbourne's coat of arms.

That @boniver gig was a listening party; the new album was played on cassette via a teeny boombox in a Melb laneway…

17. When this poor guy just wanted an egg on his toast.

Melbourne, I asked for an egg. I got an "egg sundae". wtf

18. When a graveyard plot was treated like VIP Adele tickets.

Instagram: @blossommonkey

19. When this barber really decided to lean into the stereotype.

My Richmond barber just used a cigarette lighter to singe my ear hairs. Could not have been more hipster, or more Melbourne.

20. When someone just wanted a red Fanta and ended up with this science experiment.

Instagram: @jchenzvillaruz

21. And every time some questionable street art pops up.

22. Because honestly, wtf is going on?