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    20 Things New Zealand Does Better Than Any Other Country On Earth

    We can't help it that we're so perfect.

    Small country, population of 4.4m, not much to offer, right?

    WRONG! Considering its size, New Zealand is way ahead of every other country for so many different things.

    1. Wine

    2. Breathtaking views

    3. Ice Cream

    4. Rainbows

    5. Marshmallow-centric snacks

    6. Cute birds

    7. Cute wildlife in general

    8. Bungee Jumping

    9. Chocolate

    10. Lakes

    11. Cheese

    12. Dessert

    13. Currency

    Yes, that is Pikachu, on a coin. There is Pokemon on the currency of Niue (a self-governing island state in free association with NZ).

    14. Honey

    15. Coffee

    16. Soft Drink

    17. Music

    18. Food that looks disgusting but is actually delicious

    19. Rugby

    20. Perfect photo opportunities

    So next time you discount a country because of its size or population, think of New Zealand.

    The home of everything that is awesome.

    And the best damn country on Earth.

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