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    22 Kylie Jenner Life Choices That'd Be Ridiculous For Normal People

    Like literally so cute.

    1. Commission a giant mural of yourself inside your house.

    2. Get a $5000 Cartier bracelet stuck on your wrist.

    3. Assume a Snapchat filter is making fun of you.

    4. Release a line of lip products...

    5. ...then shoot a 3-minute-long video to promote them.

    6. Wear a Louis Vuitton scarf around your head like it's nbd.

    7. Break Google while selling lip products.

    8. Spend 5 hours getting your nails done.

    9. Spread out hundreds of hundred-dollar bills on the table of your private jet.

    10. Wear a Von Dutch hat with no trace of irony and without fear of ridicule.

    11. And then wear one with a SEE-THROUGH BRIM???!!!?!??!

    12. Don an elaborate disguise and pretend to be a tourist.

    13. Fly your best friend and her sister to Orlando for the day just 'coz.

    14. Try to trademark your first name.

    15. Snapchat AND vape while driving.

    16. Create an Oscar-worthy Snap story.

    17. Get a car from your 26-year-old boyfriend on your 18th birthday.

    18. Own a Ferrari, a BMW, a Rolls-Royce, and a Mercedes ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

    19. Wear this goddamn watch which I can't even begin to guess the cost of.

    20. Have a closet full of wigs.

    21. Create a full-length Taylor Swift music video with your sister that gets over a million views.

    22. And set a New Year's resolution to like, realise things.