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    Posted on 7 Apr 2016

    22 Kylie Jenner Life Choices That'd Be Ridiculous For Normal People

    Like literally so cute.

    1. Commission a giant mural of yourself inside your house.

    @kyliejenner /

    2. Get a $5000 Cartier bracelet stuck on your wrist.

    Snapchat: kyliejenner /

    3. Assume a Snapchat filter is making fun of you.

    4. Release a line of lip products...

    5. ...then shoot a 3-minute-long video to promote them.

    6. Wear a Louis Vuitton scarf around your head like it's nbd.

    instagram: kyliejenner /

    How very 2007 of you, Kylie.

    7. Break Google while selling lip products.

    8. Spend 5 hours getting your nails done.

    9. Spread out hundreds of hundred-dollar bills on the table of your private jet.

    10. Wear a Von Dutch hat with no trace of irony and without fear of ridicule.

    @kyliejenner /

    11. And then wear one with a SEE-THROUGH BRIM???!!!?!??!

    snapchat: kyliejenner /

    12. Don an elaborate disguise and pretend to be a tourist.

    13. Fly your best friend and her sister to Orlando for the day just 'coz.

    14. Try to trademark your first name.

    15. Snapchat AND vape while driving.

    Snapchat: kyliejenner /

    16. Create an Oscar-worthy Snap story.

    Snapchat: kyliejenner / Facebook: video.php

    17. Get a car from your 26-year-old boyfriend on your 18th birthday.


    18. Own a Ferrari, a BMW, a Rolls-Royce, and a Mercedes ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

    19. Wear this goddamn watch which I can't even begin to guess the cost of.

    20. Have a closet full of wigs.

    21. Create a full-length Taylor Swift music video with your sister that gets over a million views.

    22. And set a New Year's resolution to like, realise things.

    (With a totally straight face.)

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