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22 People Who Are Furious About The "Pretty Little Liars" Big A Reveal

"ABC Family you've ruined my life!" Warning: SPOILERS.

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All week, ABC Family has been promising that in March 24's episode of Pretty Little Liars, the identity of A would be revealed. Following years of speculation over who A could be, it turns out it's actually Charles, someone we've never even heard of.


5. The general consensus is that the "Big A Reveal" was total bullshit.

I'm so fuckin pissed at PLL! That is some bullshit! #BigAReveal

7. And very confused.

Me after the PLL episode tonight.. #WhoisCharles #BigAReveal


8. But at least we're all in this together, right?

"Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by pll🙋#BigAReveal ” @morgan_chauvin @_DanaGaffney @KeelyVillar

9. Everyone is basically done with the show's writers.

this is some bullshit. the only big a is the asshole writers of this show. #BigAReveal #PLLFinale


13. And a lot of people feel like we'll never find out who A is.

me waiting to find out who A is #BigAReveal

14. Some people are seeing the humorous side.

"@KeeganAllen: What are your reactions to the #BigAReveal ?" comedy of the year!


16. And feeling like this.

17. And like... this?

Here is my reaction to the #BigAReveal #CharlesIsA #PLLbigAreveAl @ABCFpll @PLLbigA @LittleLiars

18. Is there even an A?

Our children's children's children won't even know who A is... #BigAReveal #PLLFinale


20. I mean, come on, we didn't even see his face.

#bigAreveal #charlesisa come on. We STILL didn't see the fuckers face. Charles could be the milk man for peets sake. Ugh #pll