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22 People Who Are Furious About The "Pretty Little Liars" Big A Reveal

"ABC Family you've ruined my life!" Warning: SPOILERS.

All week, ABC Family has been promising that in March 24's episode of Pretty Little Liars, the identity of A would be revealed. Following years of speculation over who A could be, it turns out it's actually Charles, someone we've never even heard of.

1. This person who's taking out all their anger on Marlene King, the show's producer.

2. Actually, there's quite a lot of hate directed at King.

3. Some people tried to explain why they were so disappointed.

4. While others just wanted to stab someone.

5. The general consensus is that the "Big A Reveal" was total bullshit.

I'm so fuckin pissed at PLL! That is some bullshit! #BigAReveal

6. And everyone's feeling pretty let down.

7. And very confused.

Me after the PLL episode tonight.. #WhoisCharles #BigAReveal

8. But at least we're all in this together, right?

"Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by pll🙋#BigAReveal ” @morgan_chauvin @_DanaGaffney @KeelyVillar

9. Everyone is basically done with the show's writers.

this is some bullshit. the only big a is the asshole writers of this show. #BigAReveal #PLLFinale

10. Especially after sticking with it for five damn seasons.

11. Though Caitlin might be on to something.

12. The episode's twists really messed with everyone's heads.

13. And a lot of people feel like we'll never find out who A is.

me waiting to find out who A is #BigAReveal

14. Some people are seeing the humorous side.

"@KeeganAllen: What are your reactions to the #BigAReveal ?" comedy of the year!

15. But mainly, PLL fans are PISSED.

16. And feeling like this.

17. And like... this?

Here is my reaction to the #BigAReveal #CharlesIsA #PLLbigAreveAl @ABCFpll @PLLbigA @LittleLiars

18. Is there even an A?

Our children's children's children won't even know who A is... #BigAReveal #PLLFinale

19. A lot of fans seem lost and helpless.

20. I mean, come on, we didn't even see his face.

#bigAreveal #charlesisa come on. We STILL didn't see the fuckers face. Charles could be the milk man for peets sake. Ugh #pll

21. So many people are swearing they won't tune in next season.

22. Though let's be honest, we all will.