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24 Products Created By Aussie Women You Need To Know About

Gosh, Aussie ladies are a creative bunch.

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1. Anuk Pajama

This line of eco-friendly, ethically-made pyjamas and lougewear pays homage to creator Anu Kumar's Indian heritage. The garments are produced using artisanal skills like hand-weaving and block printing, and also look hella cool.

2. Modibodi

Modibodi sells absorbent underwear which eliminate the need for tampons or pads. It was started by mum-of-two Kristy Chong who began training for a marathon and realised that there was a real lack in progress when it comes to underwear for women. It took two years to perfect the technology, but the result is pretty damn good. The underwear can absorb as much as two tampons, and are leak-proof and sweat-proof. They also come in seamfree varieties and are designed for all bodies.

3. Liverpool St

Liverpool St is an organic tampon delivery service which ensures you're never stuck without a tampon, having to go on a late-night IGA run. The service was started by Siobhan Komander, after realising that most tampons are filled with synthetic products that we shouldn't really be putting inside our vaginas. Liverpool St's tampons are environmentally-friendly and organic.

4. No Issues Tissues

Ziah Lane first had the idea for these tissues for a uni assignment, before turning it into a legit business. They are 100% tree-free, made instead from bamboo fibres. They're just as soft as normal tissues, but much better for the environment. They're available in Coles and Woolies so you don't even have to go out of your way to make good choices.

5. Yippy Whippy

Instagram: @yippywhippyart

Nicole is a designer and illustrator who makes insanely cool accessories which are all works of art in themselves. Whether you're into glittery heart earrings or a unique printed t-shirt, you'll surely fall in love with something.

6. Eastern Weft

Eastern Weft creates beautiful hand-woven textures for home decor and fashion, using traditional techniques from Laos. The actual looming itself is done by women in small Laotian villages, and provides young skilled workers with sustainable livelihoods.

7. Two Birds Brewing

Two Birds is Australia's first all-female owned brewing company, which is pretty bloody great. Founded by two friends, Jayne and Danielle, their beers are available in pubs and online country-wide. There's also a brewery in Melbs you can visit and try one of their five beers.

8. Jericho Road

Sisters Chloe and Kate started the Jericho Road clothing brand in Brisbane last year. Their bold colours and fun prints are inspired by their childhood spent in central Queensland, and all their pieces are made ethically.

9. Molly Coombs Marr

Molly designs and creates some insanely cool jewellery which celebrates all things Australiana. Inspired by Aussie foods, books, plants, and animals, everything she sells is colourful and cheery and positively wonderful.

10. Edith Rewa

Edith is a designer based in the Blue Mountains who makes stunning textiles inspired by Australian botanicals. They're truly one-of-a-kind pieces that would look just as good hanging up in your home as they would wrapped around your head.

11. Earth Forever

Instagram: @earth_forever

This simple brand offers totes and t-shirts for every vegan out there who wants to spread the love. Everything is made using wind and solar power, with a low water footprint. Plus $5 from every shirt sold is donated to Sea Shepherd.

12. Nimble Activewear

Nimble was created by Vera Yan and Katia Santilli, with the aim to provide high-quality exercise clothes that don't have a high-end price tag. Their collections are sleek and stylish, while also being functional for workouts. Because don't we all want clothes that we can wear to the gym and brunch?

13. The Beauty Chef

The Beauty Chef is a beauty brand that focuses on health, and promotes wellness from the inside out. Founded by naturalist Carla Oates, the brand offers a mix of topical creams and serums which hydrate and moisturise. What it's really well-known for is its inner beauty powders, which are supplements you can drink with water which assist in anti-oxidant cellular repair and help foster gut health.

14. Lanolips

This iconic lip and skincare company was founded when Kirsten Carriol made her own lip balm using lanolin (sheep wool oil), which she grew up using after spending time at her grandparents' farm. All the beauty products are made with 100% Aussie lanolin, and have fans all around the world.

15. Invisible Zinc

You've probably already heard all about this one, but Invisible Zinc is a sunscreen range made from zinc, offering higher protection than your standard chemist sunscreen. It's also got no chemicals and is good for your skin – yep, even the delicate skin on your face.

16. Alice Nightingale

Alice Nightingale, a Brisbane designer, has some insanely cute items for sale on her Etsy store. From Iced Vovo print totes and fairy bread pouches, to work-appropriate blouses and skirts, it'd be hard to choose just one thing to buy.

17. Bhalo

Bhalo is an ethical clothing line, produced in rural Bangladesh. The unique, limited-edition garments are printed on hand-woven textiles and help local workers make a sustainable living. Each piece of clothing for sale is linked to a video showing its production, to forge a connection between the wearer and the garment.

18. Shovava

The scarves from Shovava are more like wearable art, and are sure to make you stand out. Whether you wear them to a festival or just to the pub, you'll definitely turn heads.


LILAxLOLA is an Esty store with a huge array of beautiful prints and artworks that are zen AF. They also have some truly adorable animal pictures for kids' rooms. The best part is that each print is downloadable, making it cheaper and cutting out shipping costs.

20. Birdsnest

Birdsnest is an online retailer that started its life as a little clothes store in Cooma. Launched over a decade ago, founder Cay now employs 140 staff, 95% of who are female. It offers a ton of Aussie brands, and lets you shop by body type or personality.

21. Koselka

Koselka is a furniture and design store that works with Indigenous Australian artisans and craftspeople to produce high-quality and beautiful designs. The founder Sasha Titchkosky has ensured the brand is very environmentally-friendly, and is on its way to being completely carbon neutral.

22. Sustainababy

Sustainababy was founded by Aussie mum Laura Trotta when she was pregnant and realised what a task it was to find sustainable products and clothes for her son. So she created a website which is a one-stop shop for eco-friendly and ethically-sourced baby products. Most of the products on offer are made in Australia or New Zealand.

23. Butt Naked

Butt Naked skinfood is made from completely organic and natural ingredients. Founders Patrizia and Carissa are also passionate about animal rights, with 5% of all sale proceeds going to Melbourne's Save A Dog Scheme. Their body scrubs and bath soaks are deluxe AF, and are so good for your skin.

24. Bilboa Loft

Handmade in Byron Bay using sustainably-sourced materials, this simple clothing line just screams effortlessly cool. The simple prints and clean cuts make it a sophisticated collection that anyone can pull off.