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27 Questions City Kids Have For Country Kids

Do you have the internet?

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1. Have you milked a cow?


2. Have you watched a cow/horse/other animal give birth?


3. Do you all know how to ride a horse?


4. Did it take you like an hour to get to school every day?

5. What did you do for fun when you were a teenager?

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6. Did you have like ten thousand pets as a kid?

7. Did you all learn to drive when you were 8?

8. Do you really think that Aussie hip hop is good or are you just being loyal?


9. How come all your farmers want wives?


10. Is all your food really fresh?

11. Do you have the internet out there?


12. Have you ever shot a gun?

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13. What is a swag?


14. Do you have mud on your shoes ALL the time?


15. Is Crocodile Dundee actually remotely accurate to your life?


16. Did your school have like 30 people?

17. How big is your house?


18. Do you have to be friends with everyone in your school?


19. What if you hated someone?

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20. Did you have a pet lamb that you had to kill?


21. Is your local newspaper one page long?


22. What's a silo?


23. Do you get mail delivered every day?

24. Do you have a hat with corks on it?

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25. Does everyone have a tin shed?

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26. Are there spiders and snakes everywhere?

27. Do you even have mobile reception?