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    39 Life Problems People Who Don't Wear Glasses Will Never Understand

    Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

    1. It’s very hard to lie on your side and also wear your glasses.

    2. Which means that when you want to watch TV comfortably, you either have to perch your head at a weird angle or just be OK with not seeing the TV.

    3. Forget being able to see clearly in the rain.

    4. And if you want to wear your glasses while going for a run, you better be OK with them fogging up.

    5. You’ve experienced the shitty feeling when it’s too bright to wear your normal glasses but not sunny enough to warrant sunglasses.

    6. And don’t even get me started on driving at twilight, when it’s impossible to see anything at all.

    7. Going to 3D movies is great, but only if you’re able to finesse the balancing act that is wearing two pairs of glasses at once.

    8. Ditto back in the days when you had to wear safety goggles for science class.

    9. It also sucks when you’re on a ride at a theme park, and you either have to be blind or risk losing your glasses.

    10. People ask you a lot if they can try on your glasses.

    11. Then as soon as they put them on, they proclaim, “Wow! You’re blind!”

    12. Oh, then they hold up four fingers and ask how many they’re holding up.

    13. And you have to choose whether to humour them or patiently explain how eyesight works.

    14. Also, you always get “oh, wow, you’re so pretty without your glasses, you shouldn’t wear them!”

    15. When people place your glasses lens-down, you are filled with the rage of a thousand suns.

    16. And same thing if they touch the lens just after you’ve cleaned them.

    17. Drinking tea in winter often results in temporary blindness.

    18. So does opening the dishwasher too soon.

    19. Oh, and also the oven.

    20. There’s nothing worse than needing to clean your glasses, but none of the clothes you’re wearing being the right material.

    21. Because you never ever remember to carry around your special microfibre cloth.

    22. Though honestly, are your glasses ever really clean?

    23. Getting your hair stuck in your arm hinge is the most annoying thing, especially because the only solution is usually to just rip it out.

    24. If you wear eye makeup, you’ve struggled with trying to do your eyeliner while still being able to see what’s going on.

    25. And you know the struggle of foundation rubbing off on the nose pads.

    26. You’ve definitely taken your glasses off, only to forget where the hell they are.

    27. Or you’ve spent ages searching, only to find them on the top of your head.
    28. Swimming is…not a vibe.

    29. And neither is taking photos. Either you take your glasses off and look totally different, or the flash reflects off them, making you look like an alien.

    30. And in selfies you can often see your phone reflected in your glasses.

    31. Trying to do a nice relaxing face mask is never easy.

    32. If you grew up wearing glasses, you knew the pain of having to wear a sports strap at school.

    33. You can forget about ever taking a successful Snapchat face filter photo.

    34. If you want to get sunglasses that look cool, you’ve either got to fork out the big bucks or just deal with being kinda blind when you wear them.

    35. Going to your yearly eye test is always stressful, because the last thing you want is to feel like your eyesight has gotten worse.

    36. And you know the sheer panic that comes when the optometrist asks which of two pictures are clearer, but they’re both blurry as shit.

    37. You hate seeing shops selling trendy fake glasses. Like, I’ll give you my impaired vision if you really want it so bad.

    38. The thought of someone being able to see everything perfectly without needing glasses is honestly mind-blowing.

    39. Though you’re truly just as perplexed that two rectangles of glass can actually change your life.