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    25 Reasons Why All Aucklanders Should Just Move To Wellington

    Wellington, aka the coolest capital in the WORLD.

    It's time that everyone in Auckland faces up to the fact that Wellington is a far superior city.

    1. First off, we have a beautiful harbour (which is obviously way better than Auckland's).

    Flickr: aidanwojtas / Via Creative Commons

    2. Plus, we're all super fit from having to walk up the hills surrounding the city.

    Flickr: flissphil / Via Creative Commons

    3. But we have an awesome cable car if you're not feeling the hills.

    4. Not to brag or anything, but the Lonely Planet named us fourth in their list of top 10 cities to visit.

    5. We have the best museum in the country.

    6. House prices in Wellies are way cheaper than in Auckland.

    7. Look at our airport.

    8. Seriously... this is our baggage claim.

    9. And our epic sign to welcome you to the city.

    10. Even when it's overcast our beaches are fantastic.

    11. And when it's sunny, they're beyond perfect.

    12. We're only a short ferry ride away from the South Island.

    13. We're right in the middle of the country, so it's easy to get anywhere. Heaps better than living way up north.

    Flickr: flissphil / Via Creative Commons

    14. It has been scientifically proven* that Wellington has waaaaay better coffee than Auckland.

    15. We have an awesome cafe culture that Auckland should be mad jealous of.

    16. And our bars are just on a whole other level.

    17. There are penguins that live in Wellington Harbour and you can sometimes see them float past when you go for a swim.

    18. Every now and then, orca whales and dolphins will come into the harbour.

    Yes, those are dolphins. Just chilling IN THE HARBOUR. Where people go SWIMMING. In the CITY.

    19. Cuba Street will give you everything you could ever need.

    20. (Including the world's most mesmerising fountain.)

    21. And if you can't find what you want on Cuba Street, Courtenay Place is just around the corner.

    22. You can rent rollerblades and skateboards and just roll around the city.

    23. Our stadium looks like a giant cake tin. And cake is never wrong.

    24. Wellington just has a ton more character than boring old Auckland.

    25. So pack your bags and come on down!

    You know you want to!