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    This Is What $250 Rent Looks Like Around Australia

    BRB moving to Albury like right now.

    Schofields, Sydney, NSW - $250 a week

    Bedrooms: Studio.

    Location: Schofields, about an hour's train ride outside Sydney CBD.

    The combined bathroom and laundry means you can clean yourself and your clothes at the same time. No pets allowed, but there is off-street parking!

    Stanmore, Sydney, NSW - $200 a week

    Bedroom: Private bedroom in a share house.

    Location: Stanmore, about a 20-minute train ride from Sydney CBD.

    If you're happy to share a bathroom and a kitchen, this is a pretty sweet deal. Hardwood floors, modern cooking appliances and bedroom furniture included. Not too shabby.

    Denman, NSW - $205 a week

    Bedrooms: Three.

    Location: Denman, Hunter Valley, about 3 hours drive from Sydney.

    A three-bedroom house with a modern kitchen, a yard and a three-car garage, in central Denman, a suburb surrounded by wineries and greenery.

    Albury, NSW - $240 a week

    Bedrooms: Two.

    Location: Albury, a regional city on the NSW/Vic border. It's just over 3 hours from Melbourne.

    OK bye guys, looks like I'm moving to Albury. Look at that fucking kitchen. And the rock sculptures out the front. And it has a RAIN SHOWER. Glam AF.

    Queanbeyan, NSW - $250 a week

    Bedrooms: Studio.

    Location: Queanbeyan, a 20 minute drive from Canberra.

    Queanbeyan is the place to live when you need to go to Canberra, but sure as hell don't want to live there. This studio is teeny tiny (can you see the bed cramped in behind the sofa), but it IS fully furnished, so you don't need to spend hours trapped in IKEA before moving in.

    Canberra, ACT - $240 a week

    Bedrooms: A private room in a share house.

    Location: Next to ANU, right near the centre of Canberra.

    When it comes to share houses, this one looks pretty damn great. It has two ovens and a dishwasher, so you just have to hope your potential roommates know how to use them.

    Carlton, Melbourne, Vic. - $250 a week

    Bedrooms: Studio.

    Location: Carlton.

    If you're fine with a small living space, this studio is pretty fab. Super close to the CBD and near a ton of great restaurants, it's pretty great value for money. You'll just never be able to have guests over. And you can only have a mini fridge.

    Werribee, Melbourne, Vic. - $250 a week

    Bedrooms: Two.

    Location: Werribee, about a 40-minute train ride to the Melbourne CBD.

    This modern, two-level unit is a 15-minute drive to the beach. It has a carspace and a fancy outdoor dining area so you can make your friends think you're a grown-up who eats cheese platters alfresco.

    Highgate Hill, Brisbane, Qld. - $250 a week

    Bedrooms: Studio.

    Location: Highgate Hill, pretty much in the Brisbane CBD.

    This is a pretty small space, but has a modern kitchen and an internal laundry. Looks like the washing machine will be right next to your bed and TV and couch and bathroom and everything else, so I hope you like the sound of clothes being washed.

    Chinchilla, Qld. - $210 a week

    Bedrooms: Three.

    Location: Chinchilla, central Queensland, about 3 hours from Brisbane.

    First off, you'll be living in a suburb that's so fun to say. Also this is a brand-new house so it's definitely not haunted.

    Nightcliff, Darwin, NT - $230 a week

    Bedrooms: Studio.

    Location: Nightcliff, a coastal suburb 10 minutes drive from Darwin city.

    Look, its not the most glamorous bathroom you've ever seen. BUT you're literally across the road from the beach and you're still close to the city.

    Roxby Downs, SA - $250 a week

    Bedrooms: Four.

    Location: Roxby Downs, a small mining town 600km north of Adelaide.

    A four bedroom house, with a pool and a backyard for $250 a week? Tell 'em he's dreaming! Plus, Roxby Downs is apparently referred to as "the most modern town in the outback", so you probably won't feel too isolated.

    Adelaide CBD, SA - $250 a week

    Bedrooms: One.

    Location: Adelaide, about 15 minutes walk to the CBD.

    Turns out your money can go a long way in Adelaide. It's got a built in wardrobe, double bedroom, and both the bathroom and the kitchen are modern, which is almost unheard of.

    Perth CBD, WA - $250 a week

    Bedrooms: One.

    Location: Perth CBD.

    This partially-furnished unit has a pretty top-noch view. It's right near the CBD and is less than a minute's walk from the river waterfront.

    Mandurah, WA - $240 a week

    Bathrooms: Two.

    Location: Mandurah, a beachside town 70km south of Perth.

    It's not the snazziest looking house on the block, but it is about 5 minutes from the beach, and has off-street parking.

    Mt Nelson, Hobart, Tas. - $220 a week

    Bedrooms: One.

    Location: About 15 minutes drive south of Hobart CBD.

    This super-trendy split-level unit just screams "I drink green juice every morning while reading inspirational poetry on my deck".

    Beauty Point, Tas. - $230 a week

    Bedrooms: Two.

    Location: Beauty Point, a tiny town 40km north of Launceston.

    So this is in a place called Beauty Point, so you don't even need to see the house to want to live there, right? It's right on the water, it has a perfect sun deck, and it's close to the shops (but in a town of 1500 people, it's probably hard not to be).

    Rosebery, Tas. - $180 a week

    Bedrooms: Three.

    Location: A 1000-population town in North-West Tasmania, 4 hours drive from Hobart.

    This is pretty much a fucking mansion compared to anything else you could get for $180 a week. AND it has a backyard AND a deck. This is the kind of house city-dwellers can only dream of.

    Heathcote, Vic - $250 a week

    Bedrooms: Two

    Location: Heathcote, a central Victorian town, about 100km north of Melbourne.

    This adorable, colourful bungalow is open plan and sunny, and might make you feel like you're living in a grown-up tree house. Plus it has a huge backyard for BBQs and backyard cricket.

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