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    17 Faces Everyone Who Works In The Sydney CBD Will Recognise

    "That juice cost how much?!"

    1. When you realise that you just paid $12 for a takeaway sandwich.


    2. When your bus takes 10 minutes to move a few metres down George Street.


    3. When you can't go out for lunch with more than four people unless you book a week in advance.


    4. When you walk through the CBD at 5pm.


    5. When you go to get a coffee at 3pm and it turns out they have a $2 afternoon special.


    6. When the bar next to your office starts doing happy hour.


    7. When you have to get the bus home and it's raining.

    8. When someone in your office suggests going to Star Bar for after-work drinks.

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    9. When you have to spend your lunch break standing in line at Medicare.


    10. When you try to find a seat at the Westfield food court.

    Warner Bros.
    Warner Bros.

    11. When your coffee shop only offers weird organic non-sugar substitutes.


    12. When you go into Myer after work on a Thursday.


    13. When you see someone pay $9 for a pressed juice.

    14. When there are eight police officers on a street corner just waiting for people to jaywalk.

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    15. When you're walking to work and every second person on the street tries to hand you flyers for gym memberships.

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    16. When you spend a good part of every working day wishing Sydney had coffee delivery services. / Orion Pictures

    17. And when you have to work on the weekend and you realise how dead the CBD is on Saturdays and Sundays.


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