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    Here's Proof Fans Guessed The Ending Of "Pretty Little Liars" Before It Was Written

    Tfw the fans are better writers than the actual writers.

    Did you watch the "Pretty Little Liars" final epsiode this week? If not, be warned that there are spoilers ahead.

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    If you did, you'll know there's so much to unpack. My head is still reeling.

    That twin reveal was actually 100% bonkers. Even though a lot of fans online had an idea it was coming, it was still wild to see it play out on screen.


    They actually did that scene pretty damn well, in my opinion.

    "Wow, how creative of the show's producers to come up with something like this," you're probably thinking.


    Well. Stop right there, and watch this video from 2014 before you keep applauding. Skip to 1:35 for the goods.

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    Yeah that's I.Marlene King, the executive producer and showrunner of PLL, talking about a very interesting fan theory she loved, BACK IN 2014. Thanks to Reddit user Javipll for bringing it to our attention.

    She says that Troian, the actor who plays Spencer, sent her a theory about how Spencer has a twin, and that person was A.

    "All of the information that this person thought out was really good," says I.Marlene in the video. "I thought to myself, 'Oh my gosh, this is a really well thought-out plan, it's a really good one!'"

    Wait. Wait a second. So... did she get the idea for this entire plotline from a random fan?????


    It really does seem like it, right?

    I tried to find this theory that I.Marlene mentions, and I actually found quite a few.

    Here's one from 2013, and here's a video from 2013. And here's a complex theory from late 2014, which was also added to earlier this month to incorporate what we learned about A.D. this season.

    Can we get Tanner to go check her browsing history?


    Now, these theories reference a lot of clues from Seasons 1-4, which we know have no relevance to the final season of the show, when Spencer's twin Alex is terrorising the girls.


    We also know that Marlene only decided to play out the Spencer's twin storyline after Season 5.

    But honestly, if she was going to take this fan theory and run with it, she really could have embraced all these complex fan ideas, and taken the Alex storyline way back to Season 1. A lot of fans are very mad that the first two seasons of the show seem to have been completely disregarded, and a lot of the shady characters have unresolved storylines.

    I'm officially clocking off, this show has become too tangled for my poor, fragile brain. But make of this information what you will!


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