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19 Times Taylor Swift Absolutely Killed It On Tumblr

Everyone else can just log off.

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Everyone's been talking about Taylor's epic letter to Apple, but really, our queen has been slaying it on Tumblr since she joined the site last year.

1. Like when she referred to herself as an angry flamingo.

2. When she showed us how much of a cat lady she really is.

3. Like, she really loves cats.

4. When she effortlessly cut down her harness haters.

Though her tags were the real winner in this situation.

5. We can't forget when she cut down this grammar nazi.

6. Because, guys. She's a spelling champion.

7. When she replied to her fans like this.

8. When she had some great suggestions for things to do at Michael's at 1am.

9. When she told us all why exactly she was hiking backwards.

10. When she told her fans to stop calling her 'mom'.

11. And when she gave us an insight into what life would be like if she were a stylist.

12. When she had her priorities straight.

13. And when she told her fans to have their priorities straight too.

14. Even the more questionable priorities.

15. When she gave us an insight into her home life.

16. And when she showed us what it would be like if she wrote a book.

17. When she let us all know she was back on Tumblr by calling herself Shifty.

18. When she made this stellar Friends reference.

19. And when she recognised how damn sassy she is.