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    17 Places To Travel To Before They Become Too Popular

    You just know these places are gonna be the next Kardashian holiday destination.


    There's nothing worse than going on holiday and being absolutely surrounded by people. They get in the back of your photos, and there are always drunk Australians around ruining the serenity. So here's a list of places which have been getting increasingly good reviews on TripAdvisor, and will probably be the ~New Cool Places~ to visit.

    1. Jodhpur, India

    2. El Nido, Philippines

    3. Jericoacoara, Brazil

    4. Eilat, Israel

    5. Baku, Azerbaijan

    6. Jacó, Costa Rica

    7. Johannesburg, South Africa

    8. San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

    9. Da Lat, Vietnam

    10. Tbilisi, Georgia

    11. Whistler, Canada

    12. Kihei, Hawaii

    13. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

    14. Kazan, Russia

    15. Kiev, Ukraine

    16. Auckland, New Zealand

    17. Wroclaw, Poland


    An earlier version of this post used an image for #17 that was not actually taken in Kiev, and it has been replaced.