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    Someone Has Condensed All Eight Harry Potter Films Into A 90-Minute Movie

    For the time-pressed superfan.

    The Harry Potter movies are goddamn great.

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    Granted, they're not as good as the books, but they're still A++.

    And having a marathon, where you watch all eight films in a row, is something everyone should do at least once in their lives.

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    But god, 17 hours is a very long time.

    Well, luckily for us, fan Tim Stiefler, has cut together every movie into one perfect 90-minute package, in the vein of Boyhood.

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    Naturally, it's called Wizardhood.

    It opens with 10 minutes of Philosopher's Stone to ~set the scene~, obviously including the infamous Snape vs Harry showdown.

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    Bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses, indeed.

    The second and third movies are pretty much totally cut, except for a couple of Quidditch scenes to transfer us seamlessly into Goblet of Fire.

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    A lot of Harry's day-to-day life at school is canned, to leave room for the story of Voldemort's rise to power and all the fallout that comes with it.

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    The entire graveyard scene is condensed into a memory/montage sort of thing, and it surprisingly works really well.

    Almost the last hour of the video is entirely devoted to the last three movies.

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    A lot happens in those, tbh.

    And, GREAT NEWS! The entrire "19 Years Later" scene is cut, instead ending on Harry reuniting with a loved-up Ron and Hermione after the battle.

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    It's certainly no replacement for the original movies, but this supercut is actually really well done, and perfect when you only have 90 minutes to spare.

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    You can check out the whole video here.

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