19 Things Australian Kids Would Have Sold Their Soul For In The '00s

    Oh, to be an 11-year-old riding a Razor scooter again.

    1. Tazos.

    2. The Agro cone from Wendy's.

    3. Aussie Bite books.

    4. Oh, and the Selby books too.

    5. Those pencil cases you could put your name in.

    6. Or the zipper pencil cases from Smiggle.

    7. Finger buns from Bakers Delight.

    8. These particular school shoes.

    9. Space Food Sticks.

    10. That road map rug.

    11. DVDs from Bali.

    12. Viennetta as a special treat.

    13. Art Attack.

    14. Getting a twiggy stick from the deli.

    15. Twist up crayons.

    16. The Scholastic book fair.

    17. Supré hair bows.

    18. Rugrats roll-ups.

    19. And finally, Razor scooters.

    What do you think, Aussies — does this list sum up your experience growing up? Let us know in the comments below!