23 Unspoken Aussie Rituals We've All Done At One Point

    Find me someone who hasn't played "Hot Cross Buns" on the recorder.

    1. Clacked the tongs a couple of times before turning the sausages over.

    2. Said the phrase “fuck it’s hot” on a hot summer day.

    3. And, of course, said "fuck me, it's cold" in winter.

    4. Strapped something to the roof racks, tugged the strap a bit and said out loud “that’s not going anywhere”.

    5. Organised their kitchen drawers following the unspoken Australian rules: Cutlery in the top drawer, random utensils in the second, cling wrap and al-foil in the third, tea towels in the fourth and the fifth for junk.

    6. Confused a foreigner by saying "yeah, nah", or perhaps "nah, yeah".

    7. Walked out of Kmart with way more than you went in for.

    8. The Nutbush.

    9. Called someone a tosser for littering.

    10. Said “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity that gets ya” on more than one occasion, without a trace of irony.

    11. Told someone "yeah nah, get fucked, hey?"

    12. Been kinda confused about whether you're supposed to reply to "how ya goin'" or not.

    13. Switched to 4G in our own homes.

    14. Owned a Quiksilver/Roxy/Billabong wetsuit material pencil case at some point – no matter how far we lived from the beach.

    15. Had a little meltdown upon finding a spider in your house.

    16. Played "Hot Cross Buns" on the recorder.

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    17. Gone to the shops barefoot.

    18. Thought about packing it in and moving to London or New York.

    19. Yelled “nice indicator, dickhead” when someone failed to signal.

    20. Had a heated disagreement with your housemates about whether sauce goes in the cupboard or fridge. Ditto chocolate.

    21. Flicked your headlights to warn drivers about a mobile speed camera.

    22. Said "fuckin' Australia Post" after getting a missed delivery slip while you were home.

    23. And finally, had an issue logging into myGov.