16 Truly Horrible Australian Experiences I Wouldn't Wish On My Worst Enemy

    If your cheese board doesn't have Jatz, I'm not coming.

    1. Rocking up to Bunnings, slightly hungover and craving a sausage, only to see this.

    2. Being so excited for your Zinger Box, then opening it up when you get home to see this:

    3. Starving while at the shopping centre, then having to swallow this $17 meal, which is at best a 5/10.

    4. Or having to take out a loan just to get yourself a Macca's meal these days.

    5. Hitting up the convenience store on a sweltering day, keen as for a slushy, only to see that the machine is still warming up.

    6. Taking a barefoot walk in summer.

    7. Heading into the office kitchen for a coffee and bikkie, only for there to be nothing left but these bad boys:

    8. Or reaching your hand into the box of Favourites and getting nothing but a handful of Turkish Delight.

    9. Getting to a party and seeing they've used table crackers instead of Jatz on the cheese boards.

    10. Squeezing sauce onto your chips or pie only to be met with that watery sauce pre-cum.

    11. Booking a doctor's appointment and the receptionist informing you they've changed from bulk bill to gap payment.

    12. Finally finding a park in the city, only to look up and see something like this:

    13. Arriving to the beach for a relaxing day on the sand, but it's covered in those bloody cabana tents.

    14. Pouring out way too much sunscreen because it's been sitting in the car melting all day.

    15. Hitting up Coles for a nice avo for your dinner, only to see they've got nothing but those gross Shepards.

    16. And finally, getting the bill at a restaurant only to see that they've gone ahead and included their own tip into the total.

    Tell us, Aussies — did these scenarios piss you off? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!