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    Turns Out Spotify Artists Get Notifications When You Add Them To Playlists, OOOOOOPS

    Hope Taylor Swift enjoyed me adding her whole discography to a playlist called "light me the fuck up bitch".

    Today I was minding my business, scrolling through Twitter when I happened upon this mildly shocking revelation.

    a few days ago I learned that whenever you add a song to a playlist in spot of fy the artist gets a notification telling them about it, including the name of the playlist, yeah I felt the same unadulterated terror you're feeling right now

    Uh...yeah. If you add a song to a playlist called "bops I wanna fuck to" then the artist will find out.

    adding to this: 1) I found out about it by looking up an artist's twitter, they were having a chuckle about their song being added to a playlist called 'sad and horny' 2) I'm not sure if this is true for private playlists 3) I doubt famous artists actually check on this tbh dw

    Surely Drake and Ariana Grande don't check their notifications. But that artist you love who has less than 1000 streams probably knows.

    People were replying to the tweet with some of the more ~questionable~ playlists they've created, and it's pretty hilarious.

    Like this list of songs that "try to pass off la la's, na na's, and doot do's as legit lyrics".

    Or this one of gay bops.

    Or this straight-to-the-point title.

    This funeral playlist??????

    Honestly, they're all amazing.

    @geezmarty I hope the artists on my “Songs about men who want to be objects: its a very specific fetish” playlist have learned their lesson about being that degree of horny on main.

    And artists are even verifying it.

    @geezmarty Am a Spotify artist and can confirm. I’m particularly proud of being on a playlist mystically named, in all caps, ELVEN DREAMS

    What a time to be online.

    You can read through all of the replies to the original tweet here.