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    31 Times Lea Michele Was The Most Flawless Lady Ever

    Her Instagram is so on point.

    1. When she met her idol.

    2. When she rocked Uggs and trackies for an early morning call time and still looked flawless.

    3. When she looked amazing even while doing yoga which can be a very unattractive practice.

    4. When she gave us all incredible hair envy.


    6. When she was sweating buckets but still looked like an angel.

    7. When she wore this amazing red number for which there are no words but 'perfection'.

    8. When she made us actually want to eat healthily.

    9. When she got bangs.

    10. When she took this photo and it was impossible not to be attracted to her.

    11. When she waved out the window like a god damn QUEEN.

    12. When she showed off a new wig.

    13. When she wore this for Halloween.

    14. When she slayed even while cooking pasta sauce with no makeup on.

    15. When she was a huge fan girl.

    16. When she took a "look-I'm-hiking-I'm-better-than-you" photo and we didn't hate her for it.

    17. When she just chilled in a hammock in Mexico for her birthday.

    18. When she showed off some epic finger bling.

    19. When she looked this hot in her pyjamas, how does that even work?

    20. When she made us want to drink green juice even though it probably cost $12.

    21. When she casually hung out on a yacht in Italy, as you do.

    22. And when she gazed off the back of the boat, thinking about how glam her life is.

    23. When she was the only person to ever look good in a rash vest.

    24. When she just hung off a pot plant like it was the most natural thing in the world.

    25. When she worked that up-do.

    26. When she met the muppet version of herself.

    27. When she looked good even while sitting down in a bikini.

    28. When she KILLED this super-hot Marie Claire shoot.

    29. When she wore these knee high boots.

    30. When she wore this dress and looked like she was in a bubble bath.

    31. And when she rode this bike like the badass lady she is.

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