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You Need To Watch Selena Gomez Do Carpool Karaoke

*Continues patiently waiting for Taylor to be on the show.*

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When Selena Gomez appeared on James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke", she was just as flawless as you'd expect.

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While things started the usual way, with singing in the car... quickly escalated.

Yep, Selena took James to an amusement park to help him blow off some steam before work.

Then the pair hit up the McDonald's drive-thru (and made sure to get one of the limited-edition cups with Selena's lyrics on it).

When talk turned to Selena's BFF Taylor Swift, James brought up the point that their ~squad~ was a little sexist to include no male members. But of course, Selena had an answer for that.

Then they sang "Shake It Off", with dance moves on point.

(But if you watch the video looks like Selena doesn't know all the words? Just saying.)