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    19 Times Australian Slang Was Too Fucking Much

    The fact that it makes no sense makes perfect sense.

    1. When it was common knowledge that everyone's a cunt.

    2. Unless they're actually a cunt, then they're "mate".

    3. When it turns out that we invented the greatest insult of all time.

    4. When we took the word "piss" and really ran with it.

    5. When brands got on board with our slang.

    6. And when the news joined in too.

    7. When we shortened everything.

    8. And everyone just had to get on board.

    9. When we define slang with even more slang.

    10. And when we can't even give simple answers without stumping the foreigners.

    11. When our sentences look like this but still make 100% sense to us.

    12. (I guess it's not surprising that people can't understand us.)

    13. When unsuspecting foreigners can't use the word "root" around us.

    My fave is London Grammar coming to australia with their new single "rooting for you" not knowing that rooting is aussie slang for fucking.

    14. And when it all got a bit out of hand.

    15. When one of our most-said phrases actually means nothing.

    You will never know our secrets 😈 #Australia #AussiePride #slang

    16. When our sayings simultaneously made zero sense, and perfect sense.

    17. And when they all seemed to involve wildlife.

    18. And when we outdid our stereotypes...

    19. ...because the stereotypes are always wrong.