21 Times Delta Goodrem Had The Best Hair On Instagram

    Slaying the hair game, one Insta post at a time.

    1. When her hair had the perfect amount of bounce.

    2. When she aboslutely nailed '90s Britney.

    3. When she showed off her natural waves.

    4. And then proved that it looks just as good straight.

    5. When she worked this tousled updo.

    6. When even a hat couldn't kill her hair vibe.

    7. When her bedhead made you feel things.

    8. And when she rocked beach hair like nobody's business.

    9. When she managed to pull off schoolgirl pigtails.

    10. When she looked even better with a bob.

    11. When she straight up looked like an angel sent down from heaven.

    12. When her Bali hippie look gave you life.

    13. And when she perfected this 'just rolled out of bed' look.

    14. When her hair was perfect even at the gym.

    15. When she was an actual IRL fairy princess.

    16. When she thanked the gods for this amazing hairstyle.

    17. And when her hair looked perfect despite the rain.

    18. When she looked glam AF with a fringe.

    19. When she perfected this hair flip.

    20. When this #tbt to 2003 showed that her hair has always been flawless.

    21. And when this selfie with her mum showed just where she got it from.

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